Better Problem Solving 11th April 2012


Better Problem Solving

A programme to help anyone who has to solve problems, make recommendations and explain their thinking to other people. The skills acquired on this seminar will help those who have briefing or advising as part of their job. It directly addresses the core skills of analysing and using evidence, making a case and effectively communicating your analysis to others, which are part of the Professional Skills of Government

By the end of the course participants will

  • Understand the strategic role of policy in decision making
  • Be able to use a rational problem solving technique to analyse data
  • Understand how to present their thinking in a persuasive way
  • Have practiced skills and techniques using a case study
  • Have gained confidence in approaching the process of making recommendations to others


This is a highly participative course. Following some trainer lead discussion and clarification of the problem solving process, delegates will be asked to solve a problem in a case study exercise. In this scenario there is a large organisation where senior management are expecting advice on choosing the best of various available options. Delegates can either work alone or in company of others, depending upon their experience and confidence. Once delegates have made their choices they will be given guidance on how to persuasively explain their choices in person to senior management and an opportunity to role play such a briefing, again either singly or in pairs. Helpful, constructive and supportive individual feedback will be given by the trainers at various points during the day.

This course will be facilitated by Hugh Lennon & Alan Wren.