Managing Equality and Diversity
17th March 2016

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the event is to provide an overview of: the legal aspects of managing equality and diversity, best practice and how to encourage, promote and implement best practice within organisations.

Outcomes of the programme:

By the end of the training, participants will:

  • Explain what is Equal Opportunities and Diversity.
  • State challenges faced by customers, staff and managers and organisations because of differences.
  • Explain the benefits of Managing Equality and Diversity well in the organisation.
  • Define rights and responsibilities of staff as well and the impact of not managing issues e.g. bullying, harassment etc.
  • Identify how to deal with sensitive issues in a low key way and when to escalate matters.
  • State key legislative requirements and implications.


  • Practice scenarios/role play
  • Case studies
  • Discussion
  • Quiz

This course will be facilitated by Meena Karawadhra, Training Consultant (CONFIRMED)